nonimmigrant work visas

Many people come to the United States for a temporary period of time to work in specific jobs on nonimmigrant work visas. A company can sponsor a foreign national for a nonimmigrant visa, and it is important to remember there are different types. The following is a brief overview of commonly used work visas.

H-1B – This is perhaps the most popular type of nonimmigrant work visa. An applicant must have a job offer from a company in the U.S. to work in a speciality occupation. You must show you have the education, skills, and training needed to perform the job. The company must sponsor you and file the right petition for your visa.

L-1 – This nonimmigrant visa goes to people who work for a foreign corporation that is in affiliation with a U.S. corporation, and they want to transfer to work at the U.S. location for a period of time. You can also apply for a visa to establish a U.S. branch of a foreign corporation. You must have specific experience working for the company prior to the company applying for your visa.

O-1 – You can only qualify for this nonimmigrant visa if you have extraordinary abilities in a field and want to work in that field in the U.S. You must have an offer to work, as well as prove some of the following:

  • You earn a high salary due to your expertise or talent
  • You’ve made an original contribution to the field of work
  • You received awards or achievements for your work
  • You played a leading or critical role in your field

This visa often applies to athletes, famous actors, models, singers, or similar jobs.

TN – This visa is only available for people from Mexico or Canada and you must have a job offer in a specific position that qualifies for this visa.

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