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Qualifying for the Visa Waiver Program for Work in the United States

visa waiver program

If you need to travel to the United States for a short period of time to work or conduct business, applying for and obtaining a nonimmigrant visa may seem daunting and time-consuming. It is important to realize that some people may qualify for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), which allows you to enter and temporarily stay in the U.S….

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Business Immigration FAQ

business immigration

The United States immigration system is a complex web of laws and policies that are ever-changing. You should discuss your specific situation with a business immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, though in the meantime, the following are a few frequently asked questions we hear from clients. What Types of Visa are Available to Work in the United States? There…

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Types of Nonimmigrant Work Visas

nonimmigrant work visas

Many people come to the United States for a temporary period of time to work in specific jobs on nonimmigrant work visas. A company can sponsor a foreign national for a nonimmigrant visa, and it is important to remember there are different types. The following is a brief overview of commonly used work visas. H-1B – This is perhaps…

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Working in the U.S. – Can Your Family Come with You?

business immigration lawyer

Many foreign nationals successfully receive employment-based immigrant visas and green cards to work in the United States, including professors, researchers, executives, and individuals with extraordinary abilities or talents. Because these visa-holders might be working in the U.S. indefinitely, it is only natural that they would want their immediate family members to move with them. You should discuss this possibility…

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E-Verify Restarts after Shutdown


While the government shutdown in December and most of January, the lack of appropriations resulted in the unavailability of E-Verify services for employers. With the government (at least temporarily) back in business, E-Verify services have resumed, though employers may experience delays in processing times as the system gets back on track. If you are a company that uses E-Verify,…

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Proposed Changes to the H-1B Visa Lottery

Many dominant tech companies and leaders in other industries rely on H-1B visas to bring highly-skilled foreign nationals to work in the United States in specialized occupations. However, the number of H-1B visas is capped at 85,000 per year – 20,000 for people with master’s degrees or higher from U.S. institutions, and 65,000 for all others. With employers submitting…

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Why Should I Work with a Business Immigration Attorney?

Attempting to immigrate to the U.S. for work, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, can be a stressful process. While the visa application process should be straightforward, there are several hurdles that can arise making it a complicated legal matter. To ensure that you and your family are able to successfully immigrate, it is important work with an…

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