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Are you a foreign national interested in working or doing business in the United States?

Whether you are a business owner, investor, professional, or temporary worker, Gold Law Group is here to make sure all your visa paperwork is completed properly and filed on time.

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Why Hire a Business Immigration Attorney?

In today’s global economy, U.S. immigration laws and policies are impacting foreign workers, foreign owned-businesses, and U.S. companies more than ever.

Preparing a U.S. visa application can be a daunting task. It is a process often fraught with pitfalls, rendering the formidable maze of U.S. immigration bureaucracy even more intimidating.  Making minor errors or omissions on immigration forms, missing deadlines, or simply failing to consider a small but important detail in a visa application will frequently and unduly lengthen processing times and may even result in an outright denial of the visa sought.

To further compound these challenges, the current U.S. presidential administration has imposed a number of additional restrictions making navigation through the already complicated process of seeking entry into the United States for work or business even more complex.  Moreover, because strict numerical limits govern the availability of certain visas, competition for admission to the United States has become increasingly fierce for some workers.

Taking into account all these factors, hiring an experienced business immigration attorney becomes absolutely essential.   Talia Shulman Gold has been licensed to practice law for nearly 16 years and represents U.S employers, foreign national workers and foreign national companies worldwide.  She handles all types of business immigration matters including temporary (non-immigration) and permanent (immigration) employment-based visas.  In addition to delivering the most top-notch legal services, she offers individualized care and attention to each and every one of her clients.  Ms. Gold is here to assist you in all your business immigration needs.

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